Motor Insurance is compulsory in the Bahamas. We are pleased to offer the following levels of coverage:



This covers your legal liability for death or bodily injury to another person, excluding passengers in your vehicle. It is the minimum requirement for vehicles used in the Bahamas.

Third Party:

As well as the above, this covers your legal liability for damage to third party vehicles and property as well as death or bodliy injury to passengers in your vehicle.

Third Party Fire & Theft:

This covers you for Third Party as described above, and additionally covers your vehicle if it is stolen or destroyed or damaged by fire.


As well as all above, this covers loss or damage to your vehicle and accessories and spare parts while thereon. Automatically included is:

*   Protection and Removal after accident – if your vehicle is disabled because of loss or damage, the reasonable cost of protection and removal to the nearest competent repairers is covered, up to a limit of $150.

*   Windscreen Damage – covers loss or damage to windscreen or other windows of your vehicle, subject to a maximum of $750. This type of claim does not affect your No Clamis Discount (NCD).

*    Hurricane Cover – your vehicle is covered against damage caused by hurricane, windstorm, earthquake, tidal wave and flood.