We can provide insurance for both Private and Commercial Vessels.



Private Vessels:

Coverage includes:

Section 1 – Hull

Loss of or damage to the vessel caused by external accidental means or by fire byAccidents in handling equipment, fuel etc.,Breakage of shafts, explosions, contact with aircraft, malicious acts or latent defects in hull or machinery,Theft of entire vessel or her boat(s),Theft of outboard motor(s) provided securely locked to the vessel by an anti-theft device,Theft following forcible entry into the vessel or a store,Negligence of any person whatsoever, but excluding any defects resulting from negligent repairs or maintenance, provided such loss or damage has not resulted from want of diligence by the insured,Outboard motors dropping off or falling overboard.

Section 2 – Liabilities to Third Parties

Claims made by third parties for which the insured is legally liable, except in respect of persons or property in the vessel, property belonging to or in the control of the insured or his employees, accidents to or illness of employees, or water skiers operating with the vessel, or transits by land.

Section 3 – Liabilities to Passengers

Claims made by passengers for which the insured is legally liable, except in respect of accidents to or illness of employees, or fare-paying passengers or water skiers operating with the vessel.

Commercial Vessels:

Because of the complicated nature of this coverage we are unable to offer full details here. For more information on Commercial Vessels, please call, fax or email us and we will be delighted to assist.