We provide first-class commercial insurance for Companies against the risks that could force them out of business. These include:


Fire & Perils:

Covering property damage to buildings caused by specified perils which includes fire, lightning, explosion, riot & strike, malicious damage, impact, burst pipes, flood, hurricane, cyclone, tornado, windstorm, tidal wave and earthquake.

Consequential Loss (Loss of Profits):

Most companies that go out of business after a disaster do so because they still have overheads to meet but little if any income. A Consequential Loss Policy can insure this very real exposure.

Contractors "All Risks":

This type of coverage can be arranged either by the Contractor or the Principal. It covers the Contract Works for a specific period, e.g. a year or minimum of six months. Contractors' Tools and Equipment can also be insured.


This provides coverage against theft of property following a break-in by forcible and violent means. Resultant damage to property is also included.


Loss or Damage to money is covered by any cause being conveyed by an employee or other authorised person, or in your premises during business hours, or in a bank night safe.


Various liability coverages can be arranged for you, to give your company full protection. Please ask about Public Liability, Employer's Liability, Professional Indemnity and Directors' & Officers' Liability.